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Marilyn Hildebrand was born and raised in New York City. During her early 20s, she would commute from her home in the Bronx to Manhattan where she began her secretarial career in the steno pool at Tiffany & Co. Although she enjoyed seeing and occasionally taking calls from celebrities such as Broadway stars and even once the iconic Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn wanted to do more than just take notes. After two years, her wish came true when she left Tiffany to work as a secretary for the centuries-old Girard Perregaux Watch Company.

Marilyn left New York for Ohio in 1956 to begin a quiet, but happy life with her husband, Homer (Past Master, Vandalia Lodge 742). Even though she would miss the hustle and bustle of the city, her dream had always been to start a family, and she and Homer would be blessed with two sons and a daughter. Not long after Homer passed away in 2004, Marilyn moved to Springfield Masonic Community. It would be several years before she received word that the current Pastoral Care volunteer was leaving, but she jumped at the opportunity to step into his shoes.

Viewing it as a chance to do meaningful work, Marilyn began devoting a portion of her week to helping out Springfield’s two Chaplains, Bruce Vincent (Morning Star Lodge 795) and Brian Farr. Although as a volunteer she is the one giving her time, she claims that Bruce and Brian are helping her out by keeping her brain active. There is even a social aspect involved Bruce says as she also provides a “listening ear” when fellow residents pass by and need a chat.

Marilyn’s other responsibilities include putting together weekly church, bulletins, creating mailing labels and sending out birthday and Christmas cards. She keeps detailed accounts of Sunday service attendance and offerings, as well as the sermon topics, hymns and verses. She even conducted a friendly telephone survey of her fellow residents to better understand their faith traditions and needs.

Bruce and Brian are very thankful for her help, and enjoy her company in addition to hearing her ideas and input. A few hours a week pales in comparison to the 25 years Marilyn spent as a secretary for Huber Heights schools, but she truly enjoys volunteering.

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