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When you stop and think Aspired Living, make certain Helen Hornbeck comes to mind. On March 6, 2013 about six to eight inches of snow fell on what would turn out to be a memorable day. Helen Hornbeck had mentioned to the staff at Springfield Masonic Community that she would love to go sledding. Earlier that morning, she had been taken outside, collected some snow and built a little snowman and placed it on her tray at breakfast. It was a little shocking to hear that a resident was interested in sledding. However, with their Aspired Living philosophy, the staff decided that if a sled was available and Helen was able then she would be taken outside for a ride. Once it was assessed that Helen would be able to go for her sled ride, one of the staff members went to Wal-Mart and purchased a sled.

A short while later, Helen came out all bundled up in winter clothes and ready to go. She was introduced to the staff that would be involved and took a few photos with them. Then it was time for Helen to travel outside for a sledding adventure. With the assistance of the staff, Helen was lifted out of her scooter, placed on the sled and was ready to be pulled on a ride around the yard. As she headed off on her adventure, the sounds of laughter and frequent comments of “you people are crazy” filled the air. Words cannot describe the smile and look of excitement and happiness that was on Helen’s face, but it is one memory that the staff and Helen will never forget.

As everyone arrived back inside, Helen mentioned how much she loved the snow and how special it was that it snowed on her 91st birthday. She thanked the staff for making the day so special and said, “this is the most wonderful day of my life.” Most people would probably think, like Helen said, “you people are crazy,” but the staff at Springfield Masonic Community believed; Helen aspired to go for a sled ride. Let’s do what we can to make that possible.


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