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Never Slow Down

“I’ve been athletic my whole life,” says Browning Masonic Community resident, Dick Feusse. “In high school I played short stop in baseball and was top scorer on our basketball team. I played tennis till I was 86, and was even a champion table tennis player.” At age 90, Dick Feusse shows no signs of slowing down, and that’s the way he likes it. An athlete and sports enthusiast his entire life, he likes to keep track of his favorite teams and plays golf to this day. Dick and his wife, Virginia, moved into Browning Masonic Community in 2015. Unfortunately, shortly after their arrival, Virginia passed away. But Dick, being the energetic and positive person he is, did not let his loss slow him down. “I prefer to stay free and easy, to be able to travel and do the things I like.” Now his Browning Masonic Community apartment serves as a great base for all the things he loves to do. He goes out into the community for lunch nearly every day with friends, and weekly still tries to get in a round golf. When Dick’s not at Browning, he’s traveling a lot to see his children and grandchildren. And in the summer, well it’s a good bet he’s at Elk Lake in Michigan.

- Dick Feusse

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